Stop “Progressive” Rail

What you can do

  1. WRITE and/or CALL members of the RTC (see below).
  2. SHARE a link of this page to your friends:
  3. POST a link of this page on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. SHOW UP at the RTC meeting for the vote. Share your thoughts!
        JUNE 14, 9AM
        Watsonville City Council Chambers
        275 Main St #400, Watsonville

Contact info for Santa Cruz County RTC

General Comments for the Public Record

John Leopold, Chair, County of Santa Cruz, 1st District
(831) 454-2200
Alternate: Dave Reid

Ed Bottorff, Vice-Chair, Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District
(831) 475-7300
Alternates: Jimmy Dutra, Donna Lind, Dan Rothwell

Zach Friend, Chair, County of Santa Cruz, 2nd District
(831) 454-2200
Alternate: Patrick Mulhearn

Ryan Coonerty, County of Santa Cruz, 3rd District
(831) 454-2200
Alternate: Andy Schiffrin

Greg Caput, County of Santa Cruz, 4th District
(831) 454-2200
Alternate: Tony Gregorio

Bruce McPherson, County of Santa Cruz, 5th District
(831) 454-2200
Alternate: Virginia Johnson

Jacques Bertrand, City of Capitola
(831) 247-6199
Alternate: Kristen Petersen

Sandy Brown, City of Santa Cruz
(831) 420-5020
Alternate: Richelle Noroyan

Randy Johnson, City of Scotts Valley
(831) 438-0633
Alternate: Donna Lind

Trina Coffman-Gomez, City of Watsonville
(831) 768-3006
Alternate: Lowell Hurst

Cynthia Chase, Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District
(831) 420-5025
Alternates: Jimmy Dutra, Donna Lind, Dan Rothwell

Mike Rotkin, Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District
(831) 459-4601
Alternates: Jimmy Dutra, Donna Lind, Dan Rothwell