Gather neighbors, friends,
family & Colleagues to
spread the word about the greenway! 

Many world-changing movements have started in backyards and living rooms. 
Host a party to share your vision for the Greenway!


5 steps to a perfect
Greenway Gathering...

  1. Choose a venue. Backyards and living rooms are great!
  2. Send an email or Evite to neighbors, friends, family, colleagues and others who you think might like to learn more about our vision for Greenway. Include links to our study, flyer and website so that prospective guests can learn a bit about us.
  3. Open the conversation by surveying the group to see what they know about the current options for the rail corridor.
  4. Share a few of the videos from “Greenway” and “Our Plan” pages that highlight your favorite aspects of Greenway and any challenges to the current RTC plan that you might like to highlight. 
  5. Follow up with a group conversation. Then invite those who would like to support us to sign our petition and join our mailing list.