Greenway Capitola goes to a vote

For Immediate Release
August 10, 2018

Greenway Capitola Initiative sent to voters on November ballot

Capitola, Calif.The Capitola City Council voted 5-0 at its meeting last night [Aug. 9, 2018] to add the Greenway Capitola Corridor Initiative to the November 2018 ballot.

“The initiative aims to empower the City to do everything within its power to advocate for an entirely off-street bicycle and pedestrian route that continues across the Capitola trestle,” said Greenway Capitola Chair Tom Evans. “This safe, separated route will grow in importance as more people embrace active transportation and new offerings like JUMP bikes appear.”

“As a 30 year resident of Capitola, I don’t think anything will be more defining and impactful for our city than the use of the rail corridor,” said former Capitola Mayor and current Capitola City Council candidate Sam Storey. “I believe the drafters of this ordinance have positive intentions and, because this is so impactful to our community, I think it’s important and appropriate to put it out to the residents of Capitola for a vote on the issue.”

“This vote will allow the people of Capitola to express how they would like to see the trestle used in the healthiest, safest way possible,” said Juan Escamilla, Greenway Capitola proponent.

“Capitola community members and in particular our families and school children need a safe, direct way to travel from one side of Capitola to the other,” said Sira Taylor, local parent and Soquel Elementary School Board Trustee. “In less than six weeks, over 800 registered Capitola voters eagerly signed the petition because they all want a trail across the trestle.”  

Prior to the vote, Mayor Mike Termini asked City Attorney Barisone to comment on a letter submitted late Thursday afternoon to the Council by California Coastal Commission Central Coast District Supervisor Ryan Moroney. Barisone responded, “He, in general terms, comes to the conclusion that the ordinance is not inconsistent with the LCP” (Local Coastal Plan).

“This is less about an ordinance within Capitola than a statement by the Citizens of Capitola and their feelings about a trail,” said Mayor Termini. “I have no doubt that this is going to be resoundingly passed by the citizens of Capitola.”

A full video of the meeting can be viewed here.