building the greenway

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Imagine a beautiful linear park that spans the length of our county connecting our neighborhoods and showcasing all that we love about Santa Cruz.

The Greenway will be the center of this park—a wide pathway that safely separates people with small children and dogs from people traveling at high speeds on bicycles, e-bikes, e-boards, and in wheelchairs—providing both healthy recreation and convenient transportation. Locals and tourists will flock to the Greenway to enjoy fresh air, fun, and the freedom of a car-free experience.

We believe this wise plan for Santa Cruz County will allow us to play a leading role in the the worldwide active transportation movement. Let’s build the Greenway!

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Imagine our Greenway

Take a moment to imagine all that our Greenway can be as you view a few of these inspiring videos from communities that are committed to getting people out of cars and into healthier lifestyles.

Connecting people & sparking joy

Cities that have worked to help people feel safer walking and bicycling are finding that people are healthier and happier when they get out of their cars and connect with nature and one another daily.

Here are a few more videos to help us dream about the types of fun things that just might happen along the Greenway.

Our neighbors to the South are a few steps ahead

The scenic Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail from Castroville to Pacific Grove is built on a former rail corridor. Decades ago, when the trains stopped running the cities of Monterey and Pacific Grove and the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District purchased the trail. After years of debate about how to use the land, the decision was made to build a beautifully landscaped bicycle and pedestrian path. The popular path is now one of the main highlights of the region.